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We think that as it is one of the most important days of your life, we should make you aware when we hear disturbing news as below.

If anyone else has bad experiences with wedding companies, please let us know. It really is not fair to prey upon people at their most vulnerable, when doing something in a foreign country - I am sure that even if they do not mean to ruin anyone's wedding, the very fact of causing anxiety to the bride or groom is enough to spoil a wonderful occasion.

We once had a situation where a wedding company approached us asking for a lot of information, which we supplied.

They then posted on a wedding blog that we were not to be trusted, that we didn't know what we were talking about and that they were much better - well, we immediately wrote to this blog, which was a major international wedding company and asked - if we didn't know what we were talking about, why were they using our information and publishing it as their own, that we are and have been since 1998 a member of Netcheck, to whom we pay a yearly fee (and not a small one!) in order to independently 'audit' us, so that couples would be aware that in fifteen years we had never had a complaint or worried couple (apart from the girl who made us aware of the above blog, as she had been told in writing not to trust us!) We noticed that in a day our post was removed, but so was the offending slur on our good name.

We are publishing the letter below as we have been asked to help save one couple if there be one that needs saving, we agree with that slant and so;

Cyprus Moments


We feel you should be made aware about a company called Cyprus Moments, who specialise in organising weddings in Cyprus and are wedding co ordinators as well as suppliers of chair covers..

Do not use Paul & Andria Smith of Cyprus Moments, 24 Yianni Ritsou, Larnaca 7101.  We have a County Court Judgement against them and know of three others by totally different companies. 

Just google Cyprus Moments and more info will come up. We are informing all in the wedding industry, anyone advertising on their website of their actions, and basically to inform all not to use this supposed company for happy couples wanting to get married in Cyprus, they are bad news.
To date we are still owed 2200, having received no refund or goods from them after paying in full in May of last year.  We would suggest you make sure no monies are paid up front if you wish to deal with Cyprus Moments, we are currently making every effort to disrepute this company.

Thank You for taking time to read this email
Mrs S Sonn
Creative Balloon Company
101 Birch Crescent
UK   RM11 2NQ

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