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Cyprus wedding has many great wedding packages for you to choose from for your wedding in Cyprus. Our professional friendly team of organisers have been planning weddings in Cyprus for some 20 years now and we have built up a reputation for reliability and attention to detail, after all, it is the details which make up the whole, and the whole day is a culmination of our organisational skills put to good use. Cyprus wedding is committed to you from the very first inquiry to your last day in Cyprus and beyond, we will walk you through the whole adventure from start to finish with 24/7 support, leaving you to concentrate on the really important things, such as each other.

We will gather as much information from you as possible before we finally decide on the finer details together. Unless you already have a definite plan, in which case we know how to follow instruction to the letter. We will go ahead and book the ceremony and reception venue as early as we can, we don’t leave you hanging in the air about the important details, many of the larger companies do not even tell you a time until the day before or on your wedding day. We make sure that you and your guests know exactly what time things will be happening, and where. With our experience and contacts in the hotel and catering industry, music and entertainment, car hire and decoration, photography, floral and decoration professionals, travel arrangements , cruise and yachting industries and the many other peripheral services we put together to weave the whole, we will make your day the most memorable days of your life, in the nicest possible way.

Cyprus wedding have been an established wedding planning and implementation company for a respectable number of years, we have been in the hospitality industry for much longer and we like what we do. It makes us happy and more importantly fulfilled to make sure that everything goes smoothly for others. Using our hard gained experience, we have arranged and attended many weddings in Cyprus and we appreciate the fact that you have entrusted your one special day to us. As soon as you step on board we are then part of the of the plan, we will be on hand 24/7 as we know how nervous a bride can be (not to mention her mother) We are safe hands, we work closely with as many people as it takes to make your wedding day in Cyprus the best of your life to date. We look forward to working with you and for you to make you wedding in Cyprus a dream come true.

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Cyprus is an island at the far end of the eastern Mediterranean, the traditional birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, who rose from the waves near Paphos at Aphrodite's rock. She was the epitome of the sensual and romantic aspects of love. Her lover Adonis, also a native of Cyprus would meet her after she had bathed in the baths of Aphrodite, a grotto near Polis, where it is said if you immerse yourself fully naked in the waters you will stay young and beautiful.

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