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We have two kinds of links on this page. The first are internal links to articles on the site about things you may be looking for to enhance your wedding and make it the dream wedding we hope you will achieve. the others are external links to sites you may find useful, either other wedding sites or peripheral services in Cyprus, such as hotels, villas, car hire etc.


 For the Bride, before the wedding itself it is usual to enjoy this excuse for a pamper. Personally a good massage is an extraordinary relaxant, but for most people a good facial, hairdressing session and perhaps a manicure is enough.

If you wish to book a hairdresser or manicurist to come to your villa or hotel on the day before or the morning of your wedding, see Wedding make up, hair and nails

How are you going to get to the wedding venue? If it is a church wedding it is quite normal for the bride to arrive in style. See the different modes of Cyprus wedding transport , even unto a wedding helicopter if that's at all interesting! You may also need to think about how your guests will get from the ceremony to the reception, but more importantly is how they will get back to their accommodation after they have drunk themselves silly at the wedding bash. We can arrange taxi's, minibuses or coaches. See the bus bit.

When you know what time your ceremony is to be held, the question will then arise as to whether to have a wedding breakfast, lunch, dinner or perhaps an all day do. It is customary to feed your guests, however it is now becoming quite common in Europe to expect guests to buy their own drinks after a certain ' free' glass of champagne or drink, to have a limit, at which time the bar will start charging your guests for what they consume.

You need to make this kind of decision based upon your financial situation, the number of guests you will be inviting and the venue you will be entertaining them at. Obviously if you are having a barbeque on the beach it would be unreasonable not to supply food and drinks when your guests would have no means of purchasing them from ' the house,' so to speak. on the other hand, if you are holding your reception in a five star hotel or restaurant it is perfectly reasonable to set the limit of your hospitality before you make yourselves bankrupt at the start of your new life together. Discuss the options before you need to take out an extra mortgage because you didn't think about it.

Here are some ideas for hotel venues, You can find pictures and descriptions of most of the hotels in Cyprus at the website Cyprus Hotels. Take a look at the area you are hoping to hold your reception to see if you like the look of any of them. Make a short list and then either ask us to supply you with quotes or go directly to Cyprus Hotels.

If you intend staying in a hotel for the duration of your stay, wish to have friends and family stay with you or intend having a honeymoon in a nice hotel, these people can help you too. They often are able to achieve better prices for groups, parties and even individuals than we are because of the sheer volume of business they achieve for the hotels.

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Consider the self catering option too, you may find it works out much cheaper and gives you a greater degree of flexibility and intimacy, especially for larger weddings. There are many villas and apartment where you can hire a few villas together with your own pool or take over an apartment complex. This often extend the party into a memorable week long affair.

Cyprus Villas
If you're looking for short or long term villas to rent in Cyprus look no further than Cyprus-villas or Agrotourism or Cyprus-apartments  or Cyprus Agrotourism .

If you are inviting a group of family and friends for the whole affair you may like to coordinate some group activities during your stay. Perhaps take a coach trips or hire your own private minibuses to see places of interest around the island, charter a boat for a 'day on the water,' with Cyprus Yachts go kayaking or diving in the waters around Cyprus, spend a day at the horse races or even go horse riding yourselves. Check out some of the activities available at Cyprus Adventure. You can also see what's happening culturally with Cyprus Art, a good place to source entertainment for your wedding reception if you are putting it together yourself.

Getting to Cyprus in the first place. If there are enough of you, you may think about chartering your own plane, but if you are just looking for cheap tickets see;

Cyprus Holidays, vacation and travel plans, Flights and ferries, cruises and accommodation, tours and activities. Thinking of a holiday in Cyprus? Check out the information here.

Cyprus Car Hire - Rentals and service Car rental in Cyprus, great service and good cars. All categories, airport deliveries, online booking, super after sales care.

More information on any of the above from

Wholefood and organic produce in Cyprus.

health food and wholefood shop in cyprus

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