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Making of the Video and DVD 


No more 5 hour long, shaky, embarrassing, boring (to everyone but you), ordeals for the family and friends to sit through... 

Now you can have a professionally filmed and edited masterpiece, that will capture the tender moments, the memorable moments, even the funny moments and present them as an entertaining film that you will be proud to show and that your friends won't mind seeing again! You will still have the full unexpurgated version for the close family, who can savour the full monty for 5 or 6 hours.

For weddings, a minimum of two digital video camera's are used, resulting in total video footage of 4 to 6 hours. This footage is digitally edited to select the highlights and the best shots.

Scene transition and special effect are used to compile the selected edits into the story line of the wedding. A special selection of shots is also chosen, which are used for slow motion, and combined with the couple's favourite song or smoochy track. Lastly, computer-generated titles and closing credits complete the professional visual edit. The couple's favourite songs or music selection is then digitally edited in hi-fi Stereo onto the video at appropriate points.

The completed video will vary between 50 and 120 min depending on the option chosen. This completed video is saved as the digital master. From the digital master, copies onto VHS tape in hi-fi Stereo are made and professionally labelled and packaged in a clear plastic casing allowing for a casing sleeve with photos from your wedding.

In addition, the newly weds also receive on a separate VHS hi-fi Stereo tape the entire footage uncut and un-edited. Any extra copies required are made from the digital master, ensuring the highest audio & video quality.

For clients who would like the wedding on DVD, the master MUST be in the digital format.

Please note that, with the approval of the groom, we usually place a discrete miniature cordless radio tie-pin microphone on the groom to ensure that we record stereo audio with minimum background noise. Needless to say, we are careful to edit out or dub any incriminating statements made by either the bride or groom.

Price Ideas - per event

Arrival at town hall
Civil ceremony
Leaving town hall & drive off
Arrival at reception
Reception up to & including
speeches & first dance
Price EUR847

Arrival at church
Church ceremony
Leaving church & drive off
Arrival at reception
Reception up to & including speeches & first dance.
Price EUR1018

Extra Options

Bride & groom dressing prior to church.

Price EUR599

Candid walk about/ romantic shots / fooling around along the beach or landscaped gardens at various locations.
Price EUR642

(Day flights)
Airport, Aircraft landing, Couple alighting from a/craft
Couple boarding runway coach, Passport control
Baggage area, Entry into main terminal
Exit from airport building, Driving off, taxi/coach or other
Price EUR1702

All prices in EURO.

Please note that these prices are as a guide only. Different venues have different challenges, also depending on the size of the wedding, the distances involved, the time of year and time of day, thereby the lighting etc etc. 
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