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Bride and groom arrive in style by helicopter

It is not easy to coordinate a helicopter flight with pickup and drop off in Cyprus for a wedding, but as long as you can be a little bit flexible and work with us, there is no reason why we cannot achieve the desired results.

The helicopter special shown here really was special, the bride to be was so excited and enthusiastic about the whole thing that it was a true pleasure to share her flying experience. They are a fantastic couple and we wish them all the very best for the future.


A helicopter ride for your wedding in Cyprus - these guys loved every minute of it.

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If one of your dreams for your wedding or any other special occasion, is to fly in a helicopter, glide above the clouds in a small plane, fly around for a while or even parachute into your reception, let us know your idea and we will be happy to furnish you with a quote.

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If you want us to put your wedding photos online in a wedding album or page so all your friends and family can see them from anywhere in the world, (or at a private  URL so they can't) please send them to us at;

in gif or jpeg format or Post hard copies or slides to PO Box 40218, Larnaca, Cyprus along with a check or CC for 150 Euros. >>>

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