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Yacht and boat wedding receptions

If you are thinking of holding your wedding reception afloat on a boat or yacht, we would ask you to think about the time of day. august in the mid day sun will not seem as hot on the water as it is, especially if there is a good breeze blowing, but the sun is very strong both at that time of day and that time of year, so you will need to think about hats, sunscreen and shade. the shade we can arrange, but if you are all English roses, with fair complexion, think about early evening/ late afternoon as a time to be out. As we know, only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun!

A dream wedding in Cyprus need not become a nightmare if you plan it right. Please take advantage of our local knowledge and pass any ideas you may have by us, there may be something you are not taking into consideration.

We have a pretty big selection of boats and yachts now, the flotilla has grown enormously over the past 10 years and where once we could have only offered 3 or 4 choices, now we have over 20. If you let us know how many you expect to be and what your ideal budget is we will be able to offer you either a shared charter on a special wedding boat or organise a private charter party for you.

See some of the yacht and boat wedding reception packages we can offer at
Yacht Wedding receptions


Pictures of  a catamaran wedding

Yacht wedding reception - a happy couple just married On the way to the reception onn board a boat. A happy couple pose for a photo on the bow of the boat at their reception Guests in the cockpit of the yacht Cutting the wedding cake on board the receptional yaght You may have the catering that suits you, from finger food to a full on wedding feast Time for the speeches on board - wife takes the helm already There is a bar onboard most of the yachts and even the smallest ones have drinks served ion boardGuests mingle on a yacht at a wedding reception in Cyprus Yacht wedding kiss - a romantic momentThe happy couple watch the sunset together on a day they will never forget in Cyprus. The day they were married.Another happy cyprus wedding couple at the end of a beautiful day
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See some of the yacht and boat wedding reception packages we can offer
Yacht Wedding receptions

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